Happy Teacher’s Day
November 16, 2018

Positive Parenting Sessions

Attention Mothers/ Mothers to be/ Teen girls/ Nannies/Granny’s/Women :

Childcare Coach provides parents with parenting sessions that focus on parenting education and support for better development of your child.

Who can attend?

Women from all walks of life. It's open for all women.

Why to register for Parenting Session?

  • Childcare Coaching provides parents with parenting sessions that focus on parenting education and support.
  • Sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of inmates who desire to learn how to become better parents, restore and strengthen their family relationships, and build a strong foundation in their homes.
  • Parenting sessions aim to support and strengthen existing parenting abilities and promote the development of new competencies so that parents have the knowledge and skills needed to carry out child-rearing responsibilities and provide their children with experiences and opportunities that promote child learning and development.
  • Parenting sessions are developed around how you can cope with your child’s development, different types of parenting and discipline styles, how to use effective communication with your child and much more.
  • Attending these sessions often present you with the opportunity to learn parenting skills, how to use positive guidance with your child and also allow you to ask questions in a safe setting about raising your child.
  • These Sessions are also a place to befriend parents who share similar parenting dilemmas.
  • These days, parenting classes like to incorporate research, philosophy and existing experience knowledge to bring about a more holistic approach to parenting. This has proved to bring about substantial results, and we believe that there are benefits of taking parenting sessions for better child development.
Come join us now!
Date: Saturday 26th January, 2019.
Timings: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Venue: Little Fellow School – 202-A, Main Gulzare Quaid Road, Gilzare Quaid, Rawalpindi.
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